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Electronic Document Solutions
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Stop losing time and money through missing information!
It is estimated that 10% of our time is spent searching for information that has been lost, filed in the wrong place, or simply mislaid under a pile of other documents on someone's desk. That's 4 hours of every working week each employee wastes chasing elusive files and documents. This is highly frustrating for the worker and it also places bigger time and financial constraints on your business - while staff are seeking out the important files they need, they are not doing their jobs. Time is poorly managed, clients may be forced to wait while key information is unearthed, and productivity plummets.

How much is it costing you every time your staff can't find the files they need?
When files or papers are misplaced, misfiled, or leave your building it can cause massive disruption to others. Orders can be delayed, proposals held up, and Client service is compromised. Quantify the costs to your business, and discover how you can remove human error for good.

For less than £1 per day, every member of your staff can benefit from the skills, intuition and attention to detail of their own highly-paid P.A.
Imagine a system that automatically files, updates and tracks any document in your business, so your staff save hours of unproductive time and deliver better customer satisfaction. Discover for yourself just how productive your business could be. AAA Digital, in partnership with INVU, is able to offer an affordable and scaleable software solution for the electronic scanning and storage of your hard copy documents. Just imagine, once your paperwork is stored electronically it is;

  • Secure!! This important information now resides on your server and is backed up with the rest of your data. The risk of losing these documents through human error or natural disaster is thereby eliminated.
  • Compliant!! With legislation encroaching on all areas of business life it is critical to maintain the integrity of all business documents. Your scanned documents will be fully traceable and instantly retrievable
  • Efficient!! No more hunting through filing cabinets or recalling paperwork from an off-site facility. A simple keyword search will bring your document to your desktop instantly, making your business more efficient, responsive and productive
  • Available!! With web based viewing, documents can be accessed by authorized users wherever they can get on line.  Imagine the advantages in being able to simultaneously view any business documents and collaborate in this manner. Decisions which now take days could be made in minutes.


Electronic Document archiving is no longer the preserve of hi-tech market leaders. It is an essential requirement for any business that wants to remain competitive. For many organizations it is also necessary for achieving compliance in the area of corporate governance and public accountability

Can you afford to take the risk of ignoring this business issue?  Contact us now for an affordable, simple solution that will transform your business data systems forever. Or telephone 020 8540 3397 to speak directly to one of our solutions experts

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